ep #11 Are your dreams your own?.. w/ TJ McGraw

Episode 11 April 21, 2021 00:27:08
ep #11 Are your dreams your own?.. w/ TJ McGraw
The Agent Mind Podcast
ep #11 Are your dreams your own?.. w/ TJ McGraw

Apr 21 2021 | 00:27:08


Show Notes

For episode 11 I felt compelled to dig a little deeper into the reason the agent mind exists. Just finished episode 10 and proud to have reached a milestone, I wanted to share some of the original thooughts that are really the origin of the agent mind. 

I put it all out there on this one as my first solo episode. I would love to here what you think, or if you have an idea that would help the agent mind bring more value.... so send me an email... [email protected] or find me on all social media platforms as "the agent mind" 

Thank you for listening!

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