ep #1 Re-Ignite Your Human Spirit! w/ Clinton Young

Episode 1 March 07, 2021 00:56:38
ep #1 Re-Ignite Your Human Spirit! w/ Clinton Young
The Agent Mind Podcast
ep #1 Re-Ignite Your Human Spirit! w/ Clinton Young

Mar 07 2021 | 00:56:38


Show Notes

In this episode we speak with Clinton Young, International Keynote Speaker and World Class Speaker Coach. We touch on a ton of topics including mindset, finding your purpose and working within your passions!
Clinton lost it all in the 2008 housing market crash. His story is about perseverance, how he “Re-Ignited” his own spirit and found his true path by serving others. Now he is truly working in his FLOW state and helping entrepreneurs from around the globe do the same!

Be sure to stick around to the end... Clinton has a gift to share with listeners!


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