ep #48 Nail Your Next Presentation w/ Paul Kreiter

Episode 48 January 22, 2022 00:56:55
ep #48 Nail Your Next Presentation w/ Paul Kreiter
The Agent Mind Podcast
ep #48 Nail Your Next Presentation w/ Paul Kreiter

Jan 22 2022 | 00:56:55


Show Notes

How do you separate yourself from the pack? Are you looking to up your game when it comes to listing and buyer presentations? Maybe you want to ad a little extra something to your home buyer seminars. If that strikes a chord than this episode is a must listen.

Paul Kreiter is a Presentation Coach and Creative Director with his company Kreiter Creative Consulting. He teaches that all presentations big or small should be preceded by preparation and executed with the skill of a craftsman. It’s really quite simple, but takes awareness, a bit of practice and a little story telling.

What you say matters!

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