ep #49 Set Yourself Free w/ Carrie Veatch

Episode 49 February 05, 2022 00:56:33
ep #49 Set Yourself Free w/ Carrie Veatch
The Agent Mind Podcast
ep #49 Set Yourself Free w/ Carrie Veatch

Feb 05 2022 | 00:56:33


Show Notes

Carrie Veatch is a High Performance, Mindset and Leadership coach at Set Yourself Free. She has not only found great success through her dynamic business. Carrie has the freedom of time and isn’t tethered to a geographical location which allows her to follow her passion to travel.

Mindset is a critical part of success. It also takes work. You have to pay attention to your thoughts and intentions every day in order to keep yourself in check. From that work comes clarity! Changing your life is possible when you detach your self-worth from results and intentionally reprogram your brain.

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